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    I woke up today and Mundu reset my treo every time I tried to start it. I hadnt really had any problems with it thusfar...however with not being able to timestamp messages, not being able to make my own sounds as alerts, gtalk NEVER works for longer than 10 minutes... Just about sick of it and I am thinking about going back to Toccer.
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    I just saw that the trial was only for 5 days?? I figured it was think this is the reason it keeps resetting my treo? It never did this all of a sudden it is resetting every time?
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    I don't think so. My trial lasted 5 days and then just didn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headgamer View Post
    So am I the only one having the weird Contact List window display problem? Figures. LOL

    no!!! mine forgets to redraw the windows, leaving them blank after i switch windows/logs/contacts...

    anyone help?????!!!!!!
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    Mundu was disconnecting from all logins willy-nilly -- averaging maybe 10 minutes. AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, GTalk. None of them stayed connected.

    Mundu tech support sent me a debug build to help them try to narrow down the cause, instructing me to connect only to AIM.

    Following those instructions, AIM suddenly is staying logged in longer -- sometimes for hours at a time, which it never did before.

    I don't know if that's because of a difference in the build, or because I'm only logged into one server (AIM), a combination of both, or neither.
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    I guess I'm lucky. I login into AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, and GTalk and stay connected all day long. I've never had problems with resets. I probably average 1 disconnect every couple of days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    The alert sound is a bit annoying, but I'm just happy it's alerting at all...
    You can change this in the preferences. Looks like it uses the Palm alerts, so any MIDI ringtone you have uploaded (incl the built-ins) works fine. It nicely also allows you to select the volume level of the alert, so that you're not stuck with the "system" volume level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Why can't the Mundu people figure out that taking 50% of the screen space for GUI is stupid? That top bar that just has "Mundu" on it is COMPLETELY wasted..
    I'm TOTALLY with you on this one. Within an hour of installing and starting to use v4, I'd emailed them about this. Not sure it will do any good, since they're web site seems to follow the same design philosophy that cartoony is the way.
    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    The tabs are okay but sort of silly (rather the Verichat method of popping up a list to change), and the graphics at the bottom are semi-standard but would be nice to minimize them.
    I find these acceptable, in my use. In fact, I rather like that SOMEONE finally got the notion that it's nice to have some kind of indicator (blinking even) that there are messages waiting on the tab bar, so that you don't constantly have to pull down the list to check. I actually find the concept of switching between the tabs more usable that Causerie's notion of opening and closing chat sessions to move between the chat and buddy list.
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    As stated before the top bar that just has "Mundu" is also used to display when a new email has arrived and when a user you're chatting with is typing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Okay, why not, I'm trying it.. Anyone else getting weird phantom messages? I've had two contacts I haven't talked to in months send me blank messages. I'm doubting they are sending them.

    The interface is godawful slow.. Everything repaints one at a time. And they need to add "pounce" so you know when *specific* people come online.
    I actually haven't noticed these performance issues on my 680 running this with a few other background apps for a few days now. I agree it might be nice to have pounce, but in practice I find pounce annoying since it often results in a pop-up message that's modal. Since I tend to use sound alerts to tell me when I need to wake the Treo up and take a look, these pop-ups tend to gum up the works (they're modal, after all) until I just happen to wake up the Treo and dismiss them. Ergo, I usually leave that kind of alert turned off.

    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Can anyone figure out how to bring up a context menu? Look at page 49 in the manual, it shows a context menu but I can't get it to come up.
    Tap and hold. No, it's not documented well. Another "feature" I find not documented well is that although the UI has places to show and sort by nickname in additon to username, it gives absolutely no way to SET said nickname. So nicknames are set to username... wow, that's so useful! Why don't other vendors do that??

    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    When you add a contact you can pick its group, I'm hoping you can move contacts around in groups (like the popup shows). I have two contacts in a group that they weren't in Verichat, which is odd.. Like to move them where they belong but can't figure out how.
    Tap/hold on the contact to bring up the pop-up menu, and then choose "Move". As much as the main window is still a little cartoony, some of these other modal displays feel rather clunky, IMO... but at least they are functional. This is another area that feels more feature rich than Causerie. In fact, at this point, I'm dumping Causerie -- my renewal for another year is due now -- in favor of this release of Mundu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee View Post
    I get audible alerts but no pop ups on my 680 when I put it in the background and then lock the screen and keyboard. Does anyone else get both popups and audible alerts?
    These seem to work fine for me on my 680 (ROW ROM). I presume, of course, that you selected to have these in the preferences and that you also have selected to get alerts for incoming messages...
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    One more annoyance.. Make sure background mode is working, etc.. Then manually disconnect GPRS. Chatter reconnects, but Mundu doesn't seem to. I let it sit for about a minute then re-launched Mundu and it started connecting to services. It should do it in the background immediately!
    Well, I can see where having the option to do this would be nice. But I would uninstall it in a New York minute if it was as annoying as Causerie about constantly trying to re-establish networking without regard to radio state, manual changes in connection state, etc. I can't describe how absolutely irritating it is for a network application to be that single-minded... and it can result (at least with Garnet's design) in situations where the radio or device need to be reset.

    To give a counterpoint, ChatterEmail once behaved like this. But after Marc added features that paid attention to signal level, radio state, and a configurable number of connection attempts before giving up, it was truly amazing how much fewer resets were required for normal operation. Basically, applications on mobile devices need to understand that the network is not a constant.

    Causerie never got that idea and was a regular source of frustration as a result. Mundu might do better to have the option of doing some form of reconnection attempt, but let's hope they do it wisely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Holy crap you have to hold it for like 5s.. No wonder. I had tried this several times but never would I have thought you'd have to hold it that long.
    Hmm... didn't seem that long to me. But I have suggested to them that perhaps making the tap, tap/hold, and 5-way select behavior consistent would be a Good Thing... especially considering that some functions (like moving a buddy between groups) can only be accessed using the pop-up menu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    2. Can't view contacts status messages or tell how long they've been idle
    Hmm... I've noticed idle and status indicators for my buddies. It does truncate the longer ones without an option to see the whole thing even if you pull up the buddy info display, which is annoying. But there's definitely no time display.
    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    3. No way to initialize context menu without stylus
    I use my finger, and I have fairly big fingers... But I agree that making the tap, tap/hold, and 5-way select behaviors consistent would be good.
    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    4. Licensing text, read carefully the $11 for life only includes updates to ver.4. When they come out with ver.5 you'll have to pay.
    I don't know how often they change major revision... but I think this sort of thing is acceptable, and quite common in software. After all, you'd expect to pay $11 and get support for life?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee View Post
    Causerie drains it too... except it does phantom disconnects every now and again which limits battery usage.
    *chuckle* Sure, but it also limits functionality. I've been quite happy without constant loss of service having switched to Mundu from Causerie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    I think the popup might be a 680 issue. Popups work fine on my 700p.
    They work fine on my 680, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbalazs View Post
    Is anyone having problems keeping AOL connected? After exactly 5 minutes, I get disconnected.
    I've found Yahoo twitchy, but then I remember Causerie had trouble keeping their back-end server connected to it, too. But simply setting the reconnect on disconnection option seems to mitigate it nicely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Normally I see around 5%/hr with Chatter and Verichat online, I'm seeing 9% with Chatter and Mundu.
    Were you running Verichat in online or SMS mode?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D View Post
    Hmmm...definitely in the running for a verichat replacement. We'll see though, I'd like to see them work out the kinks, like only being able to use the Palm default midis as alerts and not your own custom sounds.
    I find I have no trouble using my own sounds, as long as I upload them as I would a new ringtone. In fact, I'm using one of those for my IM alert now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw View Post
    Were you running Verichat in online or SMS mode?

    BTW, your other posts.. With ya most of the way
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