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    dropped her pretty bad... ended up losing her antenna...thats the only thing wrong with it now... no reception....circuit board, keypad, screen, battery..all work perfectly. a little wear on the navigation pad, and the case is pretty scratched up already.. but... out of curiously, if i were to sell her piece by piece, how much should i get for all the parts mentioned??? and if anyone is interested, let me know also.... apparently i can file a claim with T-mobile insurance and i can get a new or refurbished 650 woo hoo!
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    Why would you want to sell it if you can get a replacement?
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    no use for the old if there is a new! =D
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    Price is too subjective and it will highly depend on the condition.

    I think the the price (for similar condition)
    PalmOne (unlocked) GSM Treo is highest
    Cingular unlocked

    I have seen working PalmOne 650 going for over $100. You can get a refurb one from Cingular for $99 (2yr contract).
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    oh ya... forgot to mention that.. i have a Cingular Unlocked... got possible sales from MTDN already.. so its all good =D

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