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    I've read a bit of the thread on the SMS Lockup and I'm a bit confused. Whenever I'm typing out a text, It'll hang or skip some letters for a few seconds. Sometimes they all come through afterwards, sometimes not. Is that what everyone's talking about or is there something much worse??

    By the way, I have a Sprint 700p. This happened mostly when I first received the phone and loaded it up. I have since done a hard reset (forgot why) and haven't noticed it as much any more, although, I haven't texted much anymore either.
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    Most of the time, what you're describing is due to the device accessing the network....for instance, to retrieve email. The SMS problem has to do with multiple issues when there are large numbers of threaded messages kept on Verizon. I have Sprint as well, and I have had no such problems....but I don't keep over 300 text messages on my phone either.
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    I'm not sure how many I have, but I have 191 sent, so, roughly double that, and I'd have a bit over 300 texts. And still no problems. I don't have it set to check email, but maybe it's doing something else in the background. I'll mess around with it and check. I'll also check to see how many I can hold on this. It's going to be a guestimation thing though, since I can "un-thread" them, or it will goof up this SMS gathering program I have for my MacBook.

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