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    Whenever I synch my Prism with my desktop, I get a "Snapshot" file loaded onto my Prism, with a file size exceeding 1 meg! Does anyone know where this file comes from and how I can keep it from loading on my Prism when Synching? I have been deleting it from my Prism manually, and have checked and deleted any reference to "Snapshot" on my desktop (in the user backup folder for instance), but it keeps on coming back. Thanks
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    From the Palm Desktop, choose HotSync->custom
    You'll see a list of all the conduits running through hotsync.
    I suspect you'll find that there is one for an image viewer that you installed at some point. Disable it and you should be OK.
    You could also look in your host system software removal application to see if you have something like the Handspring picture viewer installed.

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