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    Wow! I checked out the Website. I'm impressed, not just with the Memo program but the other apps as well.

    For now, I'm leaving EasyNotes on my T650 only because I have limited space (4MB) on my Treo and I need to upgrade exisiting programs (Chatter, Agendus, etc) before I do anything else.

    To think that FrankenGarnet can still be pushed to its limit!
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    So anyone know how I can force memo's to be opened with TREOMEMO? I have launch-anywhere (kind of like HiLauncher) that allows me to open memo's through a pop up menu. I like the interface in TREOMEMO, but when I launch memo's through launch-anywhere the open in the default app. It's not like I can set a file association in Resco Explorer or anything can I?
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    Go to the Launch-Anywhere setup and then EDIT Memos and change it to Treomemo. That will do it. Some SNAP shots attached.

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    Ok, I greatly appreciate the quick reply. I guess I wasn't specific enough though. Honestly I'm not sure it would even be possible unless ZZTECHS built support into their app, but there is the option in the menu that will allow you to browse memo's by category and then launch them directly. For this it uses the default memo app, I'd love it if it could be opened in TREOMEMO

    anyone at ZZTECHS listening? Any chance to see an updated version with new features?

    I do like TREOMEMO, with one exception... The skins take up to much screen real estate leaving the actual memo to be displayed in a little window.

    I actually stopped using a theme, saves screen real estate and memory.
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    Not familiar with this unless one were to use an application such as Resco Explorer to create an association with it.

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    I am with the user above who stated that the themes take up too much screen space and that the default is better. I only wish that in the default view that the larger thumb scrollbar could be kept as that is more the issue with the default memo pad than anything else.
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