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    For the last two days, my Versamail Gmail account has not automatically synced. It has worked for months. All I need to do is to hit the sync button and it immediately retrieves the messages, but it won't work on scheduled sync; and all the settings are correct. The problem is not Versamail because my Outlook account is syncing perfectly normally. Anyone else noted this? Has there been a Gmail change of some kind?
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    Mine did the same thing. There was a previous message here that suggested the reason (something to do with Gmail's server I think) but I can't find the darn thing.
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    Figured it out. Did the following, which didn't work: cleared out all the boxes. There were hundreds of emails in the sent box because of the way I have the filters set. Second, I went to Gmail and redid the settings and resaved them. Finally, I deleted the Gmail account from Versamail and set up another one (which takes about a minute) and it immediately began retrieving emails spontaneously. I have no idea why, but it worked. Other people have noted this before with the Exchange servers, but it appears to be the same situation regardless of email server. One would deduce, therefore, that it's a (very intermittent) bug in Versamail.
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    ...or so my experience tells me. I've had Gmail for over 2 years, and in all that time was accessing it through various Treos / Versamail. About every 3-4 months, I could no longer receive my email on my Treo. This is what fixed it each time.
    Logged into Gmail through the net, and re-clicked on:

    Forwarding and POP
    Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on
    Save changes

    That gets it going again. I'm going to guess it's Gmail's way of saying, "hey, log in once in a while and browse our unobtrusive text ads".
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    My situation was different (I think) in that I could get Gmail through just wouldn't pull it automatically, I had to push the "get" button and it would immediately download everything in the inbox.....after reinstalling, it pulled perfectly.....

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