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    I've looked at Teallock, Butler, RescoeLock....I don't need that much. All I need is something like a program called FolderLock for the PC....simply hides folders, without encryption. I don't need to lock an app, I don't need to erase the entire device with a text message....I just want to lock some sensitive files with a password. I'm amazed there isn't something like this....any that I've missed?
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    If they're not encrypted, then they're not really protected. I mean, anyone could copy the file to another device and look at it. However, have you looked at the built-in security? There should be an app called Security that lets you hide records and view them after you enter a password. I forget if encryption is an option.

    The PalmOS is much less file oriented than a PC. If you locked a file, then any app that opened it would have to obey that lock and prompt for a password.

    Or are you talking about files that sit on your card?

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    The problem is that the only things you can hide with the built in security feature are contacts or appointments that you can mark as "private". The fact that the OS isn't file oriented is, as you said, the basis for the problem, but you can put things in folders; there should be some easy way to lock a folder. It could hold a spreadsheet, photos, documents, or even music files if you wanted them out of view of people using your device; using a password to get to those would be fine. Either on the card or the device would work for me. It just seems like it wouldn't be that hard to develop something like this.

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