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    I was asked by a friend why I ended up buying treo 680 when there's treo 750....Now lemme tell u....she really got me thinking if I made a right decision. But, guess what treo 680 is better than 750...:-)...
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    The 750 was released while I was still within my 30-day trial period. I played around with the idea of switching, but I'm glad I stuck with my 680. In the end, I think I would have regretted the switch...
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    Judging by how many 750 hardware posts in "new posts" when I click on it...there seem to be more glitches with the 750 than there ever was with the 680. I too considered the 750 briefly...

    ...and although I am still a dumb newbie in a lot of ways...I'm glad I stuck with the 680.
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    Well yeah...especially now that you get to show off a shiny new crimson one
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    look at my sig, it says all. :-)
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    I had the 650 for over 2 years and a 600 before that. I switched to the 750 when it came out. I was mostly interested in some of the capabilities of WM5 and 3G. While I was at it I sort of forced my wife to switch to the 750. After 2 months of her being relatively annoyed at it not doing what her 650 did so well, we're going to switch her to the 680.

    Since I decided I was switching to the Treo 750 (which was long before I actaully got it,) several things have happened on the PalmOS camp:
    Slingbox mobile is in beta for PalmOS
    You can stream XM radio to a PalmOS 680.
    Google maps is now has a native app on PalmOS
    MS Direct Push mail is now supported on PalmOS.

    So I ask myself what the heck!? Why am I still on WM5 when I could go back to PalmOS and use SnapperMail again. Because email offerings on WM5 aren't that great yet (maybe it'll be better with WM6.)

    I don't have a 680 yet (it's on order for my wife.) But based on what I know and my experience with the 650, the 680 is an excellent device. You do not need nor may you want the 750 unless:
    1) You really value 3G, as it's available on the 750, not the 680. It's really not as big of a deal as it seems. EDGE is not that bad. Besides my 750 spends half it's time on GSM/EDGE anyway.
    2) You really want to multitask. WM5 lets you minimize apps to the background while do you things in another app.

    It's these two things that keep me chained to WM5 because I don't think I can live without them anymore.

    Lastly web browsing on the 650 is what really broke the camel's back. Blazer would crash the 650 constantly and it was pretty weak for web browsing. Trying to use Opera Mini was futile as it seemed to want to crash IBM Java for PalmOS constantly. I was fed up with just not being able to web browse succesfully.
    But Blazer is improved on the 680 and I assume it doesn't have the crashing and instability that the 650 does. Also more memory means less reason to crash. I dont' know about Java on the 680, but I love my Opera Mini.

    So I gess I have 3 reasons why I like the 750. But if none of them are particularly important to you, then love your 680. I think it's great and I even have my moments (short lived) where I wonder if I'd rather be on the 680.
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    If you are undecided between the two os's please search as there are tons of posts comparing the two side by side.

    For me it's a no brainer, the Palm is just easier to use and has tons of software (of which I bought!)

    The 750 is nice but it takes work to get things done right and the way they should be done. WM5 has come a long way but I prefer the Palm os for now.

    Good luck!
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