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    I am using a Treo 650 on Sprint. I use IM a lot during the day using Trillian since some of my contacts are on AOL and some MSN. When I step away from my office, I need to be able to receive IMs. With AOL, this is very convienent, I just sign off AOL and IMs got straight to my Treo. MSN is another story. In theory you can set this up in the MSN Messenger but its not relaible and I have not been able to get it to work. Plus, the contacts need to enter my cell phone number into their Messenger (not sure I want my contacts to have my cell phone number. Also, Trillian has a bug in it that it doesnt show Mobile users.

    I have tried all the IM applications and find them way to buggy! I used to use Verichat and that was solid but that is no longer an option.

    Does anyone have a solution? I would even be open to running something on my computer to forward my IMs. Any other IM program that has MSN have anything like this? Thanks in advance. Jeff
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    No one has a solution??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jeff

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