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    Hello all, I am looking for some sage adivse to resolve a memory error I keep getting. In downloading the time change patch last weekend, I removed several programs that worked just fine intending to reload them onto the memory card and clear out more space. I sucessfully loaded the time patch but now to access the web to reload the other programs I get the "there is not enough memory" error message.

    My question is how do you move a program from Treo to the card, and second how do I clear this error in order to access the web and reload those programs to the card?

    Thanks in advance for all suggestions

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    I assume you tried a soft reset? Have you tried clearing your Blazer cache or upping Blazer's memory limit?
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    I have done the soft reset with no improvement. I don't knwo how to make the other cache clear and adjusts, if you can refer me to the instructions I'll give it a try. Also I'm wondering if the call log that I set for two weeks may have gone back to the default of forever. Good ideas, just need help implementing. Thanks
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    When In Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>Advanced
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    The reason I cannot clean the cache or adjust the cache size is that I cannot access the web brwoser because it says that thereis not enough memeory. I have 3.2 meg of 27.7m available, somthing is screwy here.
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    Well, we need to try to free up some memory . . .
    (I always tried to keep 5 to 6mb free of internal memory on my 650 for this very reason.)

    Do you use Docs to Go? If so, we might be able to free 4mb with this:

    Do you have any photos or videos in internal memory -- moving them to an SD card will free space, as well.

    Then our only next step is to start looking at programs that you have installed. . . . . or getting a launcher program to put them on the SD card. . . .
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I do not use "Docs to Go" so that won't help. There was no prblem until I removed programs (Palmary Clock, Phone Technician, Solitaire Mania) with the intent of reloading them onto my 1g memory card. If I knew how to move them it probably would have been no big deal.

    Again Thnaks in advance for any/all suggestions

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    It may be time for a clean install:

    (And maybe get a Launcher type program to install and run some programs from the SD card.)

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