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    my wife's 650 seems to have gone mute and deaf.

    when she tries to call anyone, or recieves a call, there is no sound from her speaker, and no sound gets picked up via the mic.

    any ideas?.... I tried a hard reset, and that didn't help.

    thanks in advance for any tips....

    (the CSR at the Sprint store just did a soft reset, and then told us to buy a new phone... sigh...)
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    You may have a bad headphone jack. . . . . . . the Treo thinks a headphone is plugged in. . . .

    Does a headset work? If so -- plug it in gently and remove it and see if this reactivates the mic and speaker. . . . .

    If not. . . VolumeCare has a software workaround in it to tell the Treo to ignore the false read of a jack being inserted. . . . check "BYPASS HEADSET JACK" in the advaced configuration screens. . . . .
    (I think you get a free 30 day trial, if you want to test it out.)
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    the headset trick did it! thanks!!!!
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    The collective knowledge of the forum strikes again. . . .

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