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    OK...I a new Palm user so bear with me, I am still learning. I just noticed that I have TWO applications that appear to be exactly the same. One is DateBook, the other is DateBook Plus.

    What are the differences (if any) and can I get rid of one? I would assume that DateBook Plus is the more recent version.

    Would I be OK in deleteing DataBook?
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    Date book + has more option for viewing your schedule.
    You cannot delete it because it's burn to the ROM.
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    that makes no sense that they would give me both...
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    Handspring included Datebook+ as an enhancement to Datebook. For some reason, you cannot BEAM from Datebook+, so in order to beam datebook entries, they had to leave Datebook. I think you will find that Datebook+ is the superior of the two, but you cannot get rid of either. They are both burnt into the ROM image. Of course, due to them being in ROM they do not take up any of the 8MB that you can use. You may also be interested in Datebook 4. Good luck.

    Datebook 4
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    I have Datebook 4, and am beginning to wonder why? It takes up a lot of room in memory. I had it on my IIIx, which made sense, but what am I getting with Datebook 4 that I do not have in Datebook +?
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    Datebook4 is a lot orme feature rich than datebook+. That is why it is so darn huge.
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    As MarkEagle mentioned to me a while back on a similar question, if you look at the documentation for DateBk4, there should be a chart in the back, comparing the feature set of the products.

    If you misplaced your manual, it can be downloaded here:

    (You'll need Acrobat to see the PDF file in the ZIP)

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