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    I did the update yesterday. Received the installed properly etc. notice. Followed through and today had to set my 680 manually. Did anyone else have this problem.

    I was really shocked, since as far as I knew, my 680 said it was successful.

    Have a Magical Day.

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    I actually jumped the gun a little, and woke up (not intentionally) at 1:45am or so this morning, and checked my phone's time...and saw that it was still an hour behind. Sooooo...I figured the patch didn't work, changed the time manually, and posted here that it was a failure.

    Then, someone reminded me that nothing happened until 2:00am. Ooops!!

    When I woke this morning...I reset things to automatic, and did a soft reset. And lo and behold...everything, including World Clock was as it should be.

    Guess I need constant reinforcement that I am nowhere close to being as smart as I think I am...
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    I didn't do a soft reset. Maybe that was the reason. I have it set on manual now. Should it be on automatic. It was before I had to change the time.

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    Worked just fine for me.
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    Worked fine for me. Didn't have to change a thing. Same with my wife's Tungsten T|3. I did have to change all the other 972 clocks in the house, though!
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    Cingular 680
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    I did the update about a week ago and so I woke up this morning and worked just fine. I did soft reset the phone the day I did the update (most windows update require a restart I thought hey why not my OS platform.)
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    Mine worked flawlessly.

    I installed it a week or so ago.

    I have my treo set to update time only automatically (not time zone)
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    Worked fine as far as I can see.
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    Mine worked fine

    only problem was I have butler set to nag me for missed alerts and it woke me up. LOL

    configured butler not to nag me when I'm asleep - lesson learned.
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    Did not even download it.

    Turned the phone on this morning and it had the right date & time, why do I need the update?
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    Because the 680 is permanently connected to your wireless provider (as long as you leave the phone component 'on') chances are pretty good that your provider supplier supplied the time change if you've left Date and Time on Automatic. The only hiccup here would be those regions that may not have done the change - and so your provider may have leapt when you didn't.

    As an experiment, I did a 'successful' DST Update install, set my 680 to manual with the correct city and time zone and let Saturday / Sunday roll by and - nothing. The DST did not take hold. Hmmm.

    Back to auto and all is fine.

    Another fine Palm product of dubious quality?
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    I did the update, had mine set to auto time and date... Sunday morning I check it and it's not updated! If it's set to auto date and time, shouldn't it change the hour whether or not I installed the update? The DST update must have worked because I checked NY time (which is supposed to be same as mine) and it showed one hour difference. Anyway, I turned off the phone and turned it back on and everything was fine.
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    My DST worked fine, then sunday nite the phone went into "gibberish mode"
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    Worked like a champ.
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    I don't use the network to update my time/date/timezone and DST rolled over just as it should have.

    If you ever wonder whether it'll happen or not, use Alarms or PalmInternals to check your upcoming alarm list. The recent DST change was listed for the 11th; the "fall back" is now on the list on my device and is scheduled for 11/4/07.
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    Ah well mine didn't do it.. I adjusted the time myself. I don't have network time, etc, on myself. I just updated with NetClock (free atomic sync program) and it was happy. No biggie I don't think, I don't have any calendar events in a different TZ and the Treo probably runs on local time (rather than UTC) anyway.

    My Lotus Notes at work today on the other hand... Everything is +1hr right now.
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    I was annoyed by two calls from Cingular (who still think I have a 650) and by two text messages from cingular .. . . er, I mean, at&t.

    11 years after the Telecommunications act of 1996 and we have what we started with... Ah well. It was fun while it lasted!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooterville View Post
    Did not even download it.

    Turned the phone on this morning and it had the right date & time, why do I need the update?
    Because the Treo uses offsets values to calculate times and dates of appointments. If you don't have the update, then appointments you enter during the interim periods will be stored away with the incorrect offset value which will screw up your calendar going forward.

    If you don't enter any calendar appointments, no problem. The carrier will update your time and date for you and the phone will appear to be reflecting the correct time and date.
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    Mine worked like a charm! I turned it on and I had a message that my phone was updated for DST. Sweet.

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