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    I was just wondering if anyone is aware of the Treo 700p having a loose connection between the home charging adaptor that comes with it and the car adapter. First my car adapter wouldn't stay in, it falls out, so I got a new one, now that one falls out soon as I got it, it just won't stay in there, unless I sit there and hold it in. And now the home charger adapter won't stay inside the phone either, it's just very loose and keeps falling out. SEems to be an issue with the phone and not the actual chargers that I am using. Anyone had this happen? And any ideas on what I should do about it?
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    One of my buddies had this problem with his 650, basically ended up having to make an insurance claim on the phone to get it replaced. He used duct tape to hold it in place while the new phone was on the the way out.
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    It might be time to take it back in for an exchange. Look for a crack in the treo's black plastic around the connector.You might need a magnifying glass to see it.

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