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    Hi all,

    I am facing the following challenge, and can't find a straight forward solution, no matter how hard I try. I am hoping that somene has done this before and is willing to share


    I have a Treo 650, which I hotsync to my PC at home. I keep a personal calendar in Outlook, as well as Tasks, Contacts, etc. I also check my personal POP email accounts using Versamail

    I would like to use the Activesync capabilities on my Treo to connect to my company's Exchange Server. From my research, I found that if I try setting up an Activesync account, my personal calendar will be wiped out and replaced with my work calendar from the Exchange server.

    What I am looking for

    I am looking for a way to use ActiveSync for work email/calendar AND keep my personal calendar intact on my Treo. I don't care about merging the calendars on my Treo or at home; however, I don't want to move my personal calendar to work.

    What I am thinking of..

    Maybe there's a way to keep a second calendar on my Treo? If so, I could hotsync one with my PC at home, while the other one syncs with the Exchange server at work. Or maybe there's a way to merge my personal and work calendar on the Treo, without moving my personal calendar to work.

    Your help and insight will be greatly appreciated!

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    It took me weeks of trawling these discussion sites to find a similar answer. Here's what a I came up with - it works perfectly for me ... I hope it does for you.

    I keep my palm desktop on my home pc and I have Groupwise at work. Using Intellisync at work, I sync just the calendar feature at work, and then sync everything at home.

    Using the free software Dualdate (you can google for a link to download) it allows my personal calendar (palm desktop) to be shown side-by-side with my office calendar (groupwise). You can't change any appointments in the office calendar on the handheld - but it provides with with the information I need.

    One problem with Dualdate is that it takes over the 'phone button' function so that when you hit the phone button it goes to Dualdate instead .... pretty damn annoying until you download Btnfix (again google for link) which restores the functionality of the phone button.

    Ta da!

    It's been working fabulously for me for weeks. I hope this works for you as it took me many weeks of research to figure this one out!

    Good luck

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    Thanks Gayle,

    Are you using a Treo 650? From what I read, DualDate does not work on the 650.

    I just discovered and installed the 90-day trial of Roadsync, which allows access to my corporate email without affecting my personal calendar on the Treo. Still no access to corporate calendar or push email, but it's a quick fix that works well till I find something better.

    I am wondering if there's something similar to Roadsync, that allows synchronization of calendar as well.

    Thanks again,
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    yes, I have a 650 and dualdate works great.

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