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    Hangup sends to voice mail. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuartr View Post
    I took a look at this but failed to find where you could force calls that either have no Caller ID or that show Caller ID blocked to go to Voicemail. All I see is support for no Caller ID hangups. Did I miss something?
    If so, I'll take another look.
    those options are in the 'group' setup pulldown. There's 'not in contacts' and 'private' (I think that's what its called) but they are definitely there and they work fine for me.
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    I'm doing a trial of CallFilter 1.3.1 & so far no problems (on day 2). I have enabled rules to send NO CALLER ID & NOT IN CONTACTS to be sent to Voicemail. It's worked for me on my 700p.

    I asked the developer if they plan on supporting the 700p as they responded within 24 hours:

    There is a new version supporting the Treo 680/700p that will be available soon.

    Time wil tell...
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    I have been using the trial version on my 700P and it appears to work well. Although, I don't see the Profiles drop-down list everything else works like it should. I think it's the best product out there, but the developer needs to respond to email questions and work harder on updating the software for newer Treo devices. I have tried several others, Call Block, SMS Machine etc., none compare to the features that CallFilter provides.
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    OK, I'll admit it. I'm a Call Filter fanboy. It's been said on this forum before that Palm should offer the developer a big pile of cash to integrate CF into the default phone app.

    I've even used Call Filter to convince people to buy a Treo.

    Glad to see a new version is in the works.
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    I also liked CallFilter when Rob was working on it. Consider it a dead application. The new version? It is not new.

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    Been using CallFilter on the 700p and now my Centro for months. Works great - I have version 1.3.1. Once in a great while I will get an issue with "user not found" or "rule not found", but not very often. Overall it makes my phone ring when I want it to, and not, when I don't want it to. :-) I preferred CallShield, I think it was called - but Callfilter is working like a champ.
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    The faults that CallFilter has does prevent it from working like a champ - there is no support for it and there are now applications that do what it DID and are supported.

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    Which other apps would you be referring to? I haven't had the need for support with CallFilter so it works well in my case.
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    There are several threads on call management applications. There is LightWav, RingCare, CallBlock and bunches of others. I have used the first 3 and have registered the last 2 and use the middle one.

    The thing is, buying an unsupported application does not make sense. Rob takes the money but does nothing for it if the need arise, maybe it will, maybe it will not. I personally believe in supporting those applications and their developers that are active.

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    I bought Callfilter for my 650 years ago and installed it on my Centro and it's worked great, never asking me to register it. CallBlock doesn't do near what CF does and I have stability issues with the other two. To each his own. )
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    I purchased CF when I had my 600 and never had a problem with it. When the 650 hit, I tried it and was most disappointed. When I got the 700P, the same. When I get my Centro this week, I will of course give it a go and will again probably be most disappointed.

    It bothers me to think that Rob is still collecting registration fees for an application he no longer supports.

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