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    I'm using an unlocked 650 syncing to my MBP via missing sync. Yes, I'm a dork since I didn't install the DST patch until today.. but now that I have, all 5 zillion appts I have on my Treo are off 1 hour with an annoying notation (ie. (8am PST) next to each entry. I've soft reset, unchecked the "Enable Local Network Time" in Date/Time pref. I also notice that in World Clock, the time is still one hour earlier for my city, although of course the phone's clock is correct. What should I do now? Afraid of the hard reset but that's sounding like the answer... any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you sync to the Palm Desktop calendar? Are appointments after April 1st also wrong?
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    I use Missing Sync to sync to iCal, does that answer your question?

    Great question on appts after 4-1... some are correct and some are not. I can't identify a trend of why some are and some aren't (some recurring appts show correct time, others not..)

    Thanx so much for your reply.

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    Have you tried turning off the phone then turning back on? When I did this the time on my 680 corrected itself. Appts are correct in Datebook, but don't know if they were bad to start.
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    I just tried a sync on my 650 and iSync warned me that 650 of my calendar entries would be modified. I suspect only one or two were actually modified. I canceled the sync.... I wonder if this is the same issue?
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    Strange, but it seems one "fix" is to select a different time zone and then go back to your correct time zone. Worked for me.
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    Mine worked fine after I turned it off and back on
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Update: I backed up my address book and calendar (using each app's "backup" function) then went ahead and did the sync. Result: My address book was deleted! Not sure how that happened. Then I restored my address book, synced again, and this time only a few calendar items were changed. Bizarre. Anyway, it does seem like everything is ok now.

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