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    Can the volume buttons on the side of the phone be disabled...while still maintaining the level of volume (high) that I originally set? I am asking this because of my habit of hitting the button when pulling the phone from my belt holster. It cuts the ringer off when I do it (naturally), and I'd rather it did not.

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    After 50-views and no replies...I can safely guess that nobody knows the answer to this question.

    I went to my friendly neighborhood Cingular store, and talked to my favorite sales rep who still rocks a Treo 680...and is kind of the Treo-guru there. He said that there was no way to disable the buttons...and he did the same thing I did, hitting the buttons when removing the phone from a case.

    Oh well...
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    if you buy butler and use it's keyguard you can lock them out I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frantid View Post
    if you buy butler and use it's keyguard you can lock them out I think.
    Looks like Butler will be one of the first downloads I get for my Treo. Thanks!!

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