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    Hey guy.

    I am planning to buy a bluetooth headset for my Treo 700p. I was wondering which brand is most compatible with 700p. I have been considering Morotola H700 and HS 850 models. Also, I have been looking at Scala 500. Your able advice will be much appreciated.
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    I use a Motorola H3 and it works great. The only issue you need to be aware of is that Treos can lose the connection with bluetooth headsets...even if they are on the compatibility list (click the appropriate carrier).
    If you turn BT off on the Treo (to save power) and then back on again, you most likely will appear to be connected, but your headset wont transmit voice. Attempting to pair again will not help. The only solution is to do a soft reset (button on back). Countless users probably have returned their headsets and/or Treos when they encountered this problem.
    Solution...leave BT on 24/7 and don't fret the power usage.
    This is an annoying bug with an easy workaround.

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