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    I was wandering if I should keep my treo 700p. Alltel is my service provider and i have a 15 day trial period of which I am on day 10 or so.

    I have loved the 700p so far but there are a few issues that seem a bit frustrating.

    Like every other hour i have a freeze. I will be pusing my 5 way pad and nothing happens, then 10 seconds later every button I pushed will finally take hold in rapid succesion.

    To try and resolve this i have downloaded resco locker and locked certain programs up but this didn't seem to help. I also tried to download flu**** to automatically clear out the dbcache but this set my700p in a continual reset.

    Does anybody know if this issue can be resolved. Or maybe should switch out for a 700wx from alltel?
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    This poll says 74% are happy with their Treo 700P (in the face of all the threads to the contrary in this forum):

    Did you have a prior Treo or PalmOS device? Did you do a clean install to upgrade? Have you done a clean install to resolve your issues? If not -- give it a shot:
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    send it back until Palm provides a fix. there are times I can't even answer the phone because of the lag or freeze. i have been more than patient and enough is enough!
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    I have had my 700p for two weeks now. I still have another line with my 650. I love the speed of the sprint web with the 700. Its pretty dam fast. Everywhere I work and go have the EVDO coverage and I cannot go back to the old blazer speeds.

    Now, I've only installed 1 3rd party app, and havent had any issues with freezes, resets or anything else. So I will have to give my 700 the nod.

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