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    Both of these problems started happening at the exact same time. I can't think of anything that may be causing it.
    4Cast: Stopped updating automatically. I tried different things to fix it. Once I deselected check radio state it started working for a day and then it stopped again.

    2Dial: At the same time that 4Cast stopped updating, 2 dial would only activate for about 10-15 seconds. The reactivate after...stopped working. It doesn't matter which time I select, it never comes back. I selected the press option button to activate 2Dial but again, once it launches it only stays activated for 10-15 seconds.
    Sprint 700P, any ideas?
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    Have you isntalled any other 3rd party software ?
    Or change settings ?
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    The only thing new I have installed since this started is the DST update and Splash ID. I have installed updates to software I already have: TP, Butler, Reset Doctor, and Snoozy. When 4Cast first stopped working, I noticed that it was no longer listed in pending alarms. When I unchecked check radio state, it came back. When it stopped the second time, again it was no longer in pending alarms. I just checked check radio state and 4cast is back in the pending alarm list.

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