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    I have the 700p from sprint and I think I have somewhere a corrupt file... due to chatteremail I installed that does not seem to push mail... so it could be that there is somewhere somthing that is conflicting with chatteremail. but than it occured to me that even if I reinstall everything I will not get rid of the file but restore it...


    a. is there a way to find out which file is corrupt?
    b. is there a way to backup only certain espects of the info and not everything... i.e curtain app and such without removing the backup folder or renaming it?

    ps .
    I had hard reset my treo and installd only chatteremail on bedore I even hotsynced it and it did not work properly which made me think that my phone is dead! (chatter worked on my wifes 700p and a coworker 650)
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    I'm going thru something similar but it seems to kinda hard to get an answer to my question wish I could help you but I don't know the answer to your question just thought I would write something to let you know someone read your post.

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