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    Anyone having connection issues recently using NWeb 2.01 (2.02 under "about")?

    I'm getting various errors... Communications error...check host address... HTTP 408 errors... etc.

    I can sometimes get "small sites" or even Google to load up but it's hit or miss.

    I've installed Eudora 2.1's web broswer as a back up and it isn't having a problem loading pages so I'm thinking it may be the Proxy is having issues.

    Anyone with possible work arounds?

    I'm thinking I may need to do a "clean" reinstall NWeb and see if that helps... But it's been trouble free for maybe 2 years now... I don't know what could have changed to cause this problem.
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    I have the same problem with Nweb already a week.I was trying to contact Sprint,after i waited for half an hour and start talking with customer support
    they suddenly hang on me.
    But looks that they have no any idea what 's the problem,because I tryed to explain about "Communications error and check your coverage and host name message" and this lady said that she's going to look an some instructions and after that she's gone.
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    Everything is OK now I don't know why it takes so lonjg to fix it.
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    Thanks for posting. I was going to say it seems to have fixed itself today too. But you beat me to it. The Eudora browser seems to work fine for most sites... But I have grown attached to Nweb... To bad I deleted all my Bookmarks and reinstalled it before finding that if I just waited a week... Sprint/Novarra would get around to fixing the problem.

    Maybe Balalaika you were the one to get Sprint to fix it. Thanks. As for the disconnected phone call to Sprint. I've had that happen before too. I don't think they intend to hang up on you, but I try to mention to them to "call me" if I loose the line. That way I don't need to call back and reexplain myself. Usually it works.

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