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    I got a 700W but I'm wanting to switch to the P or WX because of the W's memory problem.. I wanted to know how the P users liked their treo.. would you stick with the P or switch to windows.. thanks
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    Do you like the WM OS? If so (which I do) the Wx would be my choice. (I have the Wx, and my wife has a P.) I love the P's screen, but aside from that, I love my Wx--with certain hacks/apps suggested here on TC.
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    I had a WX for two days, and returned it. Went back to to the 700P. The WX ain't all that!!!

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    I had a WX for two days, and returned it. Went back to to the 700P. The WX ain't all that!!!

    I had my WX since September and I have HATED IT ever since. Had alot of problems. Just got my P today and I love it.
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    It really depends on your preferences. Anyone who tells you that one is better than the other overall is shortsighted. Each has its market and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Its like comparing a Coke to a Dr. Pepper.

    I had a p and moved to the wx. I almost moved back to the p because it was so "alien" compared to my old p. However, after a week I adapted and could not imagine going back. For my needs, the wx is a better choice. What persuaded me to move to the WM5 side was the lack of progress with the aging PalmOS.

    If you like the WM5 interface and the software meets your needs then go with the wx. If the software and usubility of the p meets your needs then go with it.
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    i'm a palm os user since palm pilot. i like user-friendly os. i had the 700w and hated it. i was sluggish and sometimes locked up.
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    I live with the 700P problems because I love the usability of the OS. Yes, it is old but it's simplicity is it's advantage. The screen is better that the W or WX. Reading the threads for the W and WX, I believe they have just as many issues as P users. 'The devil you know' theory, I guess. :-)

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