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    Dear All, I would like to open a discussion treating the sadness of the 680... after having used the 650 in it's latest version... The best Treo ever, I can conclude that the 680 is a unfinished device, released too early.. and full of problems.

    I have a list of severe problems with the 680 unlocked (Europe) and would like to invite all 680-users to expose their frustrations using the 680 in it's actual firmware version.
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    My 680 is so much better than my 650 was it's not even funny. Even with the questionable battery life, it is still a wonderful device, that wirelessly sync my calendar, contacts, email with Exchange Server, browses the web, downloads software over the air, plays music, plays internet radio, and watches two of my favortie TV shows, Top Gear and Torchwood! So, not everyone agrees with you. Having had every Treo since the 270, I can say the 680 is the best of the bunch, albeit not perfect... but, here's hoping for a rom upgrade!
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    I got the 650 when it was first released and it was REALLY buggy. It took me months and two firmware updates to get it stable. My 680 has been great, other than a SIM card issue (Cingular's fault, not Palm's) from the get-go. No spontaneous resets at all...
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    My change to the 650 from the 600 was riddled with doubt. It took me weeks to get it to even run right through a day. The move to the 680 from the 650 took about 6 hours and I was running. I have not missed the 650 at all. Battery life from the smaller battery was a problem but the 2400 extended battery solved that. The 680 is the best so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by david_angel View Post
    I have a list of severe problems with the 680 unlocked (Europe) and would like to invite all 680-users to expose their frustrations using the 680 in it's actual firmware version.
    by all means, you should use the search function here to look for the answers to the problems you're encountering. but should that fail, there are plenty of very knowledgeable and helpful Treo users here who will offer help unselfishly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by david_angel View Post
    I have a list of severe problems with the 680 unlocked (Europe) and would like to invite all 680-users to expose their frustrations using the 680 in it's actual firmware version.
    Well, I'm delighted with mine!

    Quote Originally Posted by david_angel View Post
    ...the 680 is a unfinished device, released too early.. and full of problems.
    You've never used a Microsoft OS then??
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    I love my 680. I don't even think I had battery issues although I applied the camera patch and did the drain thing to calibrate the battery meter. The thing is that we tend to hear about the problems of which there will always be some. Based on what I read in the various forums, the almost vast majority seems quite happy with their 680s.

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    The Treo 680 is my first smartphone, but I made my choice carefully after lurking on this and other forums. And, after giving the Samsung Blackjack a test-drive (and being less than comfy with it), I chose the 680. So far, after having to exchange my first one after it went into a mysterious coma...and having to do some "tuning" (OTA re-register, OTA camera patch & SIM swap) to get things's been very satisfactory.

    I have two friends that have 650's and, although they are stable is only after several ROM updates and lots of de-bugging that they are. I am not patient enough nor technically knowledgeable enough to go through all I'm glad the 680, at least for me so far, has been more friendly.
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    tough luck david_angel..mine has been great and for something that has an OS little trouble and some cool appz! Maybe as suggested you need to do a bit of forum searching to solve the issues you have....
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    I have had a Palm device since the black & white days! and I can without a doubt say that I am very happy with my 680. Yes the battery isn't as good as the 650 but come on it's half the thickness of it. Can't you think logically that of course it can't possibly hold the same charge. I read so many post about people complaining about this device or a different one. Damn! buy something else.

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    I have to agree with the others, The Treo 680 is a great device, and I am very pleased with it. It is my first Treo (I was a Palm Tungsten C user). It took me a short time to adjust to switch to using the 5-way nav for everything, but now it seems so natural. The battery makes it through the day for me, and I re-charge for about an hour each evening and I am good to go. As suggested, if you post your list of problems, you will soon find the answers. This is a very responsive and helpful forum.
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    My 680 completely destroys my 650 in terms of stability and speed.
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    figures a guy with 1 post leaves this thread...come on, before you post, please read through this forum so we can avoid wasted space.

    There are tons of Treo 680 owners who are very happy, me included, with the device.

    Please read other threads for current minor issues regarding the 680. You will see solutions and overall satisfaction with the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
    figures a guy with 1 post leaves this thread...come on

    Plant a seed. Hide and watch it grow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by davistld01 View Post
    Plant a seed. Hide and watch it grow...
    tree of love for the 680.
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    You don't specify your problems, certainly there are some, most new hardware has that. end of palm? maybe, but I believe that may be more driven by strategic moves that 1. help the majority stock owners or 2. aren't well thought out, than serious problems with the 680 (one of several products).
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    one year ago, I was certain I was going to get the 750 . . . I thought I wanted the faster radio but ya know what? I could not give up on Palm OS. I just could not do it. I ended up getting the 680 and count me as one of the pleased owners of a current Treo!
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    I am with the other posters here. My Treo 680 is great. It is, so far, the best PDA and best mobile phone I have every used.
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    Hi david_angel--

    I'm sorry that you're having problems with your unlocked 680. All of us know the feeling of winding up with a lemon from time to time, and I'm thinking maybe that's what you have. I had a Palm T/X that I bought Open Box from Palm, and it completely stopped working about a month after the 30-day warranty expired. That being said, the experience did not sour me on Palm.

    I will say that I have been happier with my 680 than any device I have ever had. After using Palm handhelds for about eight years, I decided to take the Windows Smartphone plunge when T-Mobile came out with the DASH in November. After a couple of months of swearing at it, and having almost thrown it out the window in frustration many times, I sold it on eBay (after unlocking it) for almost enough to buy a new unlocked 680. If you use your handheld for document editing, and you need to switch back and forth between apps quickly without sluggish performance (as the Treo allows you to easily do when on the phone), I think you'll be happiest with Palm. My girlfriend had a 650, and after salivating over my 680 after I got it, she traded up and has been absolutely thrilled with the performance.

    I don't know what specific issues you are having, but if you don't find the answers in any of the forums, there are lots of folks here who will try to help you. Good luck!

    And now to you guys who feel entitled to belittle someone for beginning a thread with his first post: WTF? I have few posts, so by inference I suppose I'm only slightly less stupid than david_angel, but I know that I found this forum when experiencing issues, and I came here for help. That's why most of us are here. If you gain some kind of strong personal feeling of self-worth through the sheer number of your posts, then fine -- just don't project those standards onto others. A post telling someone to "avoid wasted space" is in itself wasted space.
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    Maybe david angel has chosen to heed everyone's advice and gone off to fix his 680's problems...
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