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    Is there any way to plug a traditional music-quality microphone into a Treo 650?

    I want to use my Treo as a portable digital music recorder. The built-in Treo mic works OK, but an external directional mic -- or patch to a sound board -- would be better.

    I've just spent a loonnng time wandering through the archives here, and I'm still confused. Only definite idea so far from the archives is to cannibalize a headset --- cut the wire and splice a microphone jack onto the appropriate wires. And I'm not sure that would even work, because of the connection tricks that the various Treos use (I'm thinking in particular of the magic resistor that my 600, I think, required...)

    I could make do with a Bluetooth connection, rather than hard-wired, but I haven't found a microphone-to-Bluetooth adapter. And I'm not sure if the Treo Bluetooth would understand it, even if I did find one.

    Any advice appreciated!
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    Without using a few adapters, your best option is to splice a cable together, which can be done with a bit of research into which pins align to the audio signals in the Treo (I'm pretty sure the 2nd ring is the positive input for the mic and the sleeve is ground, but i'm not 100% sure). All that being said, sound quality is not going to be great because a) it'll be mono, b) Im willing to be the Treo wont support high bitrates for recording, and c) There's probably some basic pre-amp circuitry in line with the headset input which will degrade the signal a fair bit (you don't need a 2nd pre-amp if you're using a sound console or a pro unit).

    Being in the recording industry myself, i almost switched to Windows Mobile because you can get pro-audio cards for it, but i couldn't bring myself to abandon my beloved palm. But i'd be curious to see how you managed and what it sounds like.

    Keep us informed.
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    CHeck out this article. It shows what is on the inside of the audio jack of the Treo 650.

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