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    I am new to this forum. I hope someone can help me. I will lay out the problem and then lay out the steps I have taken so far. Then I have some questions. Sorry it's so long but I want to be thorough.

    Phone crashes whenever I try to access my "sent" folder in the "messaging" application. It says that I have 2 messages "sent (2)" even though I have never used my text messaging. I can open the 'messaging" app but as soon as I select the "sent" folder the Treo crashes, restarts and then only sometimes does the phone turn back on. Sometimes it just restarts without turning the phone on. I can not select the darn messages to delete them because of the crashing. I have never installed any additional software to the Treo and am operating entirely on the Palm OS that came with the Treo.

    Steps I have taken already:
    I backed up my info.

    I did a soft restart. This didn't do anything and the (2) sent messages still remain. Selecting them causes crash.

    I did a hard restart. This cleared the (2) sent messages and I was able to select the folder w/o a crash. Got excited. Yeah!

    Restored my back up to the phone. Which in turn restored the 2 messages (boo hiss) and again selecting the folder causes a crash. So obviously it is something that I am putting on the system and not the system itself. Which leads me to the following questions.

    My questions are:
    How do I delete those 2 messages if I can't get into the folder? Can I call my provider and have them remove them? Is there a way I can delete them out of the backup so that they don't reinstall on the Treo (delete the .pdp or .prc file)? And finally, if I can delete those files, what is the filename I should look for?

    I am at a total loss. I can obviously delete all my backed up data and just start from scratch but how wants to do that? It would be a real drag since my whole darn life is in that data. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I think the file is Messages Database. You can find and delete it with the free program Filez.
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    made duplicate folder of my back up. deleted the "Messages Database.pdb" file from my original backup folder. Did a hard reset on the Treo. Reinstalled the backup files sans the deleted "Messages Database.pdb" file. This cleaned up those 2 text messages that were stuck in my system.

    Problem solved. What a PIA. But I fixed it.

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