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    Everytime the new version of Goodlink restarts, it hijacks all my hard buttons. Anyone else running into this? Anyone else figured out a workaround?

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    Unfortunately, no. I ran v4.9.3.21_EN on a Treo 680.

    I did this workaround:

    HotSync, full hard reset, delete all traces of GoodLink out of the Palm Desktop folder, and HotSync again.

    Works great, you get your buttons back, you get your native Palm Contacts back, and you don't have GoodLink auto-running at startup, consuming half your memory and getting in the way of trying to do other things!

    My work's IT department likes it, too. One less client license for them to worry about. My Palm is faster and more responsive now, and it no longer crashes daily or chews up the battery. Highly recommended!
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    Best advice I've seen in awhile. May try this myself if I can't resolve GoodLink autostarting after a soft reset.
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    Yeah that is what I did for now as well, it was killing me. The problem is actually listed in the 4.9.3 release notes:
    Hopefully they will fix it in 4.9.4, I really need the real-time update functionality and Business Connect is close but is missing some key features I like (motsly around contacts).


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