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    i purchased a cellet holster last fall, thinking it was the best holster in the market. boy, was i wrong. i like the design, but you dont know how many times i almost lost my treo 700p. my arm would swing by the holster and release the phone, crashing to the floor w/o me knowing. luckily, i would feel the holster ever minute to be sure my treo was still there. i gave up on this holster and started reading up on the helix. there was some positive/negative reviews. i decided to order one from treocentral.

    holster side by side

    cellet holster
    the problem with the cellet holster is that with a slight knock, it will release the treo. the treo is held in by this small teeth hook. its not very safe.

    helix holster
    now for the helix holster. its very secure and does a good job holding the treo in the holster. the only issue i ran into was when the treo was ringing, i would try to release it from the holster, but accidently hit the side button and cancelled the call. has anyone ran into this issue? but overall, i really like this holster a lot and i dont have to worry about loosing my treo with a slight knock of my arm. i highly recommend this phone to the cellet holster.
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    I had a Cellet holster and loved it at first. Then the small tab that locks the Treo in place broke. Once that happens the Treo is not secure at all. It now sits on my bookshelf (not sure why I haven't thrown it away yet). My current setup is the Seidio rubberized skin for the 700p and the skinned Seidio holster. Love this combo.

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