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    I have been using my sd card for rescoebackup. I also have chatteremail which, until now, has been downloading directly to my treo (700p). I'd like to have the email (from aol) dl onto my card.

    Can I have both on the same sd card without interference?

    If I keep dl'ing my email to my Treo, how do I clear it completely out occaisionally. I'm stacking up emails and, I fear, using up memory.


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    If the SD card is large enough, you can have bunches and bunches and bunches of applications and data on the card. ChatterEmail does an excellent job of storing in real-time messages that are downloaded along with their file attachments.

    If you keep downloading mail to the device, then you just have to take the time to manually delete it. I use IMAP and once in a while sit down at the laptop and start clearing off excess mail.


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