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    Hello, I am pleased to say I finally have my 2,200 contacts on the Act for Palm program but after a few seconds of navigating the Act for palm, it keeps doing soft resets. Has anyone else had this problem? This has been so frustrating...should I have just kept my three year old faithful 600?

    Thanks NSP....
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    I too am an avid ACT user. I have 1500+ contacts and all the associated records. I loved having my ACT data on my Cingular treo 650 but hated the freezes and resets. After a year or more of putting up with this to have my data with me, I deleted ACT for PalmOS v2, complained to Sage Software and installed CompanionLink. 60+ days - no resets.

    While it does take getting used to the new format, the data syncs well and I have had no problems. I don't like that I cannot clear a meeting from the Treo, but I'll get used to it to keep from crasing and losing the day. I hate that I spent $99 on ACT for PalmOS and then had to spend almost that much on CompanionLink, but it works and that I am happy with.

    Sorry if this is not the answer you are looking for, but it is a good fix for keeping your data with you.

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    Actually Target, you can clear meetings on the Treo. If you are using the format of (M) for meetings, (C) for calls etc. On the Treo you go into the appointment or call and put a "/" at the very beginning, it will clear on your next sync. I have used companionlink for over 6 months and it works great.
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    Dude, you "da man!" Thank you Treospike. You don't know how this helps me.

    Thanks again,


    Using a GSM Treo Pro, my first Windows Mobile Device. Coming from a Cingular Treo 650.

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