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    Hey everyone. So my Treo 650 stopped making and receiving calls. I can get through maybe 10 seconds of a call, but nobody can hear me. Most calls go straight to voice mail. I spent a long time on the phone with Sprint trying to figure out if it was a network issue, but everything should be working.

    I took it to a technician, and he said that the copper connectors on the bottom of the phone have turned a slight green, indicating water damage. Now, nothing major happened with water, and the only thing I could think of is that i set it down in the bathroom and maybe some water got on it?

    Also - I was able to get online, but now that's not working either and the Treo always thinks the network is out of range.

    The touch screen and other programs all work fine. The keyboard seems to be working fine as well, except the red phone button seems a little stickier than it used to (though I think that happened earlier).

    I've read this thread:

    And unfortunately, I didn't immediately take my battery out and dry the phone. I didn't think there was any water damage at the time.

    My question is - is it too late for the phone? I can try and dry it out now and see if it starts working again. If not, is there a guide to taking apart the phone and cleaning it? Maybe that would help?

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks again!

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    Hi Travis!

    You may be too late if things are already green. Try the ziplock and silica gel thing for 24 hours.

    If not -- there is a remove camera 650 thread with step by step disassembly instructions.

    If salt water was involved -- you may have to rinse the dried salt out of the device with distilled water. (Battery out.)

    Qtips w/ light rubbing alcohol after that. Dry completely B4 reassembly and putting the battery back in.

    The device may not survive this procedure -- so it is only a last resort.
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    Okay, I'm going to get some silica at the hardware store and try that.

    There is only a tiny amount of green on the copper connectors. And it's not on all of them. But the technician said that it would probably invalidate the replacement if I went through them and not Sprint Corporate.

    It seems strange that everything else seems to be working fine, but the thing won't make call.

    Also, salt water was not involved. This much I'm sure of. The only cleaning I was thinking it might need would be dust and any other bits of debris that got inside the phone through the SD slot or whatnot.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Pharmacies also have those silica gel packets . . . .
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    The plain silica gels packets taste funny. Try to get the cherry flavored ones.

    When you have your Treo in a ziplock with the silica packets, put it under a desklamp to give a little heat and persuade any water to migrate to the silica.
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    The contacts on my 650 aren't green but they're very discoloured because I haven't used the USB cable for about 18 months.
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    Silica gel absorbs moisture but putting your phone (or anything) on a warm radiator or sunny windowsill will accomplish the same thing. Don't expect magic unless you are trying to get out "moisture" that has JUST gotten it. It takes time to corrode the contacts, which means old moisture, which means it is not likely this will work.

    And, those contacts are gold flashed, they are not bare copper, so they have to be worn and then exposed for some time before they turn green. I'm a pessimist, but I don't think you will get a simple fix here.

    There are already a couple of class actions suits about cell phones and "moisture" problems and the question is large enough that several maor carriers (Cingular & Verizon among them) are now placing a white "dot" about 1/8" in size in the battery compartment. Look for the dot. If it has turned red--that means the phone was exposed to moisture and they will not honor the warranty on it.

    If the phone is under warranty and the dot is red...who knows, sometimes dots get lost?<G> Clean the contacts with a dry toothbrush, send it in for warranty repair, and let them worry about it.
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    Sure.. And there's usually 4-5 (or more) in the phone. And some of them are not visible even with everything taken apart.
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    Well, I tried the silica packet sealed with the Treo in tupperware, and nothing happened. However, I'm not entirely convinced my phone had water damage. The only reason I thought that was a technician's cursory look over the phone and noticing some very minor discoloration on the connectors to the sync jack. (or whatever the proper term is).

    The phone did have trouble connecting to the internet, but now it seems to be connecting OK - not as well as it used to. It still drops calls after about 15 seconds. However, text messaging and all other functions work fine. The screen is as responsive and accurate as ever.

    Something I noticed is that I have trouble opening a web site from within blazer, but I can update news feeds using Quicknews.

    After a hard reset I noticed in my sync log that a file called "connectionmgr50db.pdb" was listed as "already exists" and the result was "restore synchronization failed." So I deleted that file and did another hard reset/restore sync. That message was gone, but my problem wasn't solved.

    My question is, could this be something other than water damage? Could it be some kind of network corruption? A Sprint technician told me I needed to update my roaming information by dialing *2 - according to a note on my account. However, I'm unable to do that with my phone as it drops the call. According to the tech though, this alone should not be preventing me from making or receiving calls. But - I find it interesting that this issue came up around the same time my problems started.

    I'm at a loss here. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Just for the sake of being complete - I was unable to do anything to fix my 650.

    The solution: get a good deal from Sprint on a 700p.

    Which - so far - has introduced some new problems, but nothing too major.

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    TREO 700P Went in Ocean only about for a minute in front jeans pocket then jumped out and took it out then tried to turn it on but treo wouldnt boot at all. Then i let stand and about an hour or so later I Took out battery and let dry more and now Its been 2 days. I have read many things I can do to dry out microwave, Sun, bags, but i really just want to remove data someway. The phone will be dead i am sure but is there anything I can do to save contacts? Media anything? is there anything i can do? I never used the sync cause it wouldnt work at all anyways. i really feel like my life is lost. i dont even know my mothers ne number Its a sad day. Please advise me what i can do. Danny Thank You for the help!
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    Danny, you've probably lost the whole thing by now.

    In order to save electronics from salt water damage, you need to immediately remove all batteries--not two hours later, by then the power has eaten away things internally.

    Then flush immediately with fresh water, to remove the salt. Followed with water and isopropyl alcohol, if you have it, since that makes it dry much faster.

    Then dry thoroughly, i.e. put it on a hot windowsill for two days.

    After it is clean and dry, you try to repower it and see if there was any permanent damage.

    But after two hours of damp and power--I wouldn't hope for anything. You can still try rewashing it, soak it in fresh water to try getting any salt dissolved, then procede as above to dry it again. Could take hours of soaking to remove any salt that has gotten inside things, hard to say how much is enough versus too much soaking.

    There's a chance a real phone repair center (not a retail store but a real tech shop) could remove the memory chip and transfer it to another "donor" phone, but you'd be talking hundreds of dollars--if you could find that kind of shop anymore. If you didn't sync the phone and make backups on a computer, you've probbaly lost it all. If you DID sync the phone, just get a new phone, resync with computer making sure to set the software to overwrite the phone with the computer's information.
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    Danny, sorry to hear that.

    I drop my 650 into the sea not so long ago. I went the extra step of taking the whole thing apart to rinse it.

    With your damage having been a few days, you need it to be rinsed really well. Taking it apart is the way to ensure it is done thorough.

    I did not get a chance to clean it right the way either. I rinsed it immediately, but had to wait till I get home (8 hours?) before I can take it apart to risen and clean.

    I have two dead pixels (or some dirt blocking it - can't tell). Everything else worked for me. I hope it works for you as well.

    Good luck!

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