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    48 28.92%
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    5 3.01%
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    26 15.66%
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  1. haroldo's Avatar
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    The forums are loaded with posts from people who (for very good reasons) are dissatisfied with their Treos.
    I assume that there must be some people who are satisfied with their units.
    I recently had crashing problems and I believe I corrected it.
    I am not a heavy text user so I don't get the freezes.
    I leave bluetooth on 24/7 so I don't have the headset communication problems.
    As a result, I am a satisfied user.
    I wonder how others feel about their units.
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    I'm happy with mine dispite it's problems. I do a soft reset every morning and that seems to have controlled my bluetooth issues.
    It's been a while since had the problem with it resetting when I'm on a call and another call comes in.
    I still get the occassional text message lag, but overall, I still love it.
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    I voted "very satisfied." I love this thing. For all that it does, I can easily put up with the (very) occasional shortfall.
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    You forgot the option which most here would choose, that they're very dissatisfied with Palm's support for the 700p.
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    For the most part I am very happy with mine. It does everything I need and the only improvements I'd like to see are with the size. I get very few resets with my device.
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    When its stable I love it. When it freezes/crashes every 30 seconds I wish I had returned it within the 30 day window instead of being stubborn and thinking I could fix it. For some reason every other day seems to be stable, but never for more than 48 hours at a time.
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    I'm happy with my Treo, as I have been for the last 4+ years! Everything has drawbacks, and my Treo doesnt have a shortage of them. But the advantages outweigh them, and there isnt anything out there now that better suits my needs/desires. There isnt a perfect device out there.
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    I voted "very satisfied" as well - it really is a nice machine; however, to be honest, I REALLY loved my PPC6700. I went from the Treo600 to the 650 to the 6700 - and then got a job where the mail server only sync'ed with Palm products.
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    I voted "very satisfied" as well. I am a relatively new Palm user but Im coming from Tmobile and had the MDA and now Im with Verizon and have the 700p. Im EXTREMELY happy with the performance of my Treo as compared to that of the MDA which ran off of Windows Mobile. I can watch movies, stream music, email, and text with no problems, so Im happy.
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    My P crashed several times every day before I installed Reset Doctor two weeks ago. Now this thing is ROCK SOLID (i.e. no resets, lags, stutters, BT issues, etc.). Mark me as very satisfied.
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    "Happy" is such a relative term, I prefer to be more specific. "Happy" with:

    -PalmOS compatibility
    -Size and Shape
    -Keyboard design
    -700p's internal memory (for the most part)
    -Ease of Use, and learning curve
    -Availability and Range of Third Party Apps
    -Signal Strength

    "Unpleased" with:

    -Palm "Support" after the sale (inlcuding failure to make messaging 100% compatible with Contacts DB).
    -Bluetooth unpairing at random
    -Moving hardware Button assignments around on every new model
    -Rumored EOL'ing of $650.00 700p about the time they finally release a "fix" for the problems we've suffered for a year.
    -Release of another model because they "can't" fix the lag and such they didn't bother noticing in beta on the 700p.

    The mentality believing something or someone's entirety is either "good" or "bad," "black" or "white" is overtaking this world. There are a whole range of specifics upon which to place a value judgement and opinion - we ignore them at our peril and end up "throwing out the baby with the bathwater."

    Praise the stuff that works well, and make sure to mention the stuff that is broken or needs improvement. Nothing's 100% perfect in this world, especially man-made technology.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    71% are relatively satisfied. Surprising, considering the many negative posts in this forum. I always thought the majority of people were satisfied with their 700P.
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    650, 700wx, and 750. Love 'em in both flavors.
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    My 700p is not perfect (no such device in this world is), but no other smart phone (BB, Blackjack, Q, etc.) has done a better job of fitting my OVERALL daily life needs.

    The I-Phone does seem very intriguing (being a big I-Pod user myself)...but I've already got an 80G I-Pod and would have a hard time shrinking down to the I-Phone's reported 8G (?) of space. Regardless, I would never go out and buy the very first models of ANYTHING until at least a couple of years of evolution has occurred (much like I did with the Treo).

    Overall, I'm ~90% pleased with my Treo,
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    3:1 so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaharr View Post
    I voted "very satisfied." I love this thing. For all that it does, I can easily put up with the (very) occasional shortfall.
    ditto, althought it seems lately my resets are more frequent but for all this thing does and all I ask it to do, wow I love it!
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  17. haroldo's Avatar
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    Malcontents (no disrespect intended) typically are more vocal and definitely garner the headlines. I created the poll to see what (in this case) the silent majority had to say.
    Again, I am not saying that the Treos don't have problems (they absolutely do) nor that the people most troubled don't have good cause. Rather I wanted to see how universal it is. To make a valid survey, we should ask if the satisfied users are 'power users', since they are more likely to encounter and get frustrated by the bugs.
    As it is, I've stripped my Treo down to bare minimum number of 3rd party applications because my Treo was crashing. I also am not a heavy text user.
  18. SMEGGIE's Avatar
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    Sure, I'm pretty happy. I'm as happy as I have ever been with any Palm OS-based unit (never been doin' flip-flops over any of 'em...)

    94% of the time, it does what I need it to do. The rest just keeps me n my toes enounh that I can figure it out myself.

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    i voted really depends on the day.
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    This is a good thread and should be kept near the top. Unfortunately, if a potential 700p user looks at this forum, they see a lot more complaints and griping than positives. If we Palm users want to get new and better Treos, we need people to consider and buy Palm. Of course, the Treo has some problems and the Palm company is re-organizing. But, recent news indicates that Palm is committed to future innovative products.
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