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    It helps me stay away from this damn laptop, which I grew to hate. I can be on the road and with only a phone in my pocket and still not miss a thing!
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    I agree with most posts in this thread. The bottom line is this: There aren't many options out there if you want a device that does it all. The Treo is not perfect. No device is. Look at Windows xp... um that OS has seriously had it's flaws. Microsoft spends billions on programmers; flaws. Palm OS was developed with a much smaller engineering budget and it sure as hell, in my opinion, is better than any Windows Mobile device.

    I've been though a couple hard resets, we have backup programs which help for that (love backupman). It's not a difficult chore, but it's routine maintenance. You need to fix your brakes on your car every now and then right?
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    I am hoping that is a joke because sometimes it is tragically too late for fixing the brakes.

    I voted for moderately satisfied. I agree with Merlyn that it is Palm's Support which I am greatly dissastified with. The way I feel about it is:

    1) I don't think there is anyone who can disagree that the 700p can do a lot of great things. It is unbelievably versatile. There are days when I use my 700p and think to myself how much I love this thing.

    2) I don't think there is anyone who can disagree that there is no excuse for Palm to not have fixed at least some of the problems that get in the way of it's usability. It is coming up on a year now in May. I find it hard to believe that at least the lockup problem could not be fixed in that time. Especially since it can be recreated to happen at 50 msgs in a thread. This has not been 'lousy' support. It has been a complete lack of.

    In another post I mentioned that my girl needed a PDA and I didn't know what to do since Palm's support has dissatisfied me so. I broke down and bought her a 700p due to the ease of use and high speed internet. If she relied on Bluetooth for handless conversation while driving for work, I'd would not have even considered it. It's just unbelievably hyppocritical for Colligan to publicly brag about a hand free driving bill he claims to be pushing.

    I don't rely on Bluetooth and I can tolerate a little lag. What I wanted and use the most is the high speed internet. So the goods outweigh the bad for me. But that still doesn't change the fact that this product took a great leap ahead it this one area but I trusted it would take no steps back from the 650 in any areas and it did. I still remember that first day with the 700p. I had loaded a few things and was trying the MP3 player on my way home. I switched apps to work on something and noticed it skipped whenever switching apps. Since I had never had this happen on my 650 or even 600, I figured I had loaded something incompatible. I wiped and re-loaded the MP3 player a number of times and became completely stunned when it me that the MP3 player did this after a fresh reset. For some reason, I felt embarrassed to tell anyone that my expensive upgrade now had problems playing MP3's.

    The bottom line is that I love my 700p but would be wary to ever trust Palm again to pre-order a future product. Because when you pay for a product from a company you are supporting them. Isn't there a level of trust involved that they owe you at least SOME level of support in return?
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    Wait whatever you do. I am done, 700P should be a great solution but the lag/freeze causes too much frustration, lost calls, and other issues and there has been far more than enough time to fix it.

    I am going to look at the VX6700 and if it not a viable solution, the Dash seems like something that makes some sense. I have not been a windoze guy but I have had it with Palm, I have been stupidly loyal and for what? Palm is in no position to lose a customer but they have. No news, no acknowledgement of a serious problem, and no fixes, what in the world am I doing this for? To save a couple of hundred bucks in early termination fees and a phone that is seriously problematic? I see posts that say everything is peachy and that's simply bull! I use this device far more than the average and it is slow and buggy and no one can fix it. Deleting a few 3rd party apps that comprise a lot of the reason I bought a device like this is hardly a solution.
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    Happy as a bee.....starting with the T600 -> T650 -> T700p

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    I am very pleased with my 700p. The only major issue I experience is occasional BT connection drops in extended use in my Acura RL. It also bothers me that when the network connection is lost, all programs come to a halt until the connection is reestablished. The reconnect process should take place in the background.

    Other than those things, the 700P does everything I need reliably. It is far more stable than the 650 that it replaced, which was an unmitigated disaster.

    Still concerned about Palm's never know when you're going to need it!
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    I'm modestly satisfied:
    My issues are:
    slow to open sms
    poor battery life (had to buy Seidio 2400 extended battery)

    But no problems with BT-I have the basic Treo BT headset and keep BT turned on always on the device.

    It certainly faster than my 600 was.
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    Mark my vote as very satisfied with my 700P. I'm a big fan of these Palm Treo's and use it every day. Sure, it has its quirks, but what doesn't? Mine has been very stable, and has been an absolute pleasure to use.
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    SERO, Corporate Discount (27%), Slingbox (100 tv channels), Constant 4 bar reception where I live (Northern DE), XM Streaming, Mp3's(P-Tunes), Video (MMPlayer), Document reader, E-Book reader, Games, E-Mail, Very adequate web browsing, more entertainment browsing (with Kinoma help), Messaging and all the other programs available out there plus standard palm functions.
    We always want more but lets give this device the credit it deserves. Grade A.

    My only issue. 10-15 second delay when I leave the internet before the next funtion comes up. I can live with that.
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    My 700P is more reliable than my prior Treos (270 and 600); yet, basic malfunctions or limitations like the radio turning itself off randomly, the speaker being lame, the OS being so dated, the bundled PIM, in particular, being dated and actually weaker than what I had on the 270(!) (week view) make me moderately dissatisfied. The phone is definitely more reliable and my mail is fetched very reliably -at least as long as the radio stays on. But the main original attraction for me -the Bluetooth modem capability- proved unreliable and is no longer a requirement for me, in any event. I'll stick with it until Sprint has a better non-POS or seriously superior POS device, or until T-Mobile lures me back with an improved network and a cutting edge device.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    I am a new user (I've had my 700p for about 3 weeks now) and this thing has exceeded my expectations in all regards. I have been a Palm OS user for some years now, and really as far as I'm concerned there was no other smartphone device I was seriously considering. That said, I nearly DIDN'T get one because while researching I saw a whole lotta complaints and I was thus a bit worried, but I absolutely LOVE it - can't imagine how I'd live without it now.

    The smartphone covers a whole lot of technological ground. It seems like many of the complaints are from folks who want it to do absolutely everything perfectly - phone, PIM, video ipod, email machine, laptop replacement... Granted, it does attempt to do all those things, but I can't say I'm surprised that it doesn't do all of them equally well, or when one DOES try to make it do all of them, it falls over. Seems a lot to ask in one small handheld!

    Now, this of course comes from me who has had 0 problems to date - maybe I'll feel differently if it loses stability and causes me grief! But so far... so very good. I love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHINMJ View Post

    My only issue. 10-15 second delay when I leave the internet before the next funtion comes up. I can live with that.
    you know it's funny - when that happens on mine (and I can't deny that occasionaly I've thought, "Oh just hurry up!"), I just think nostalgically back to my days of dialup. Is'nt it essentially the same thing - the phone needs a few seconds to "hang up" the connection before it can switch to the new task?

    Ah, how soon we forget.... Again, as I said in my other post, I think we ask these little handhelds to do a LOT and in a world where we've become accustomed to full-size computers multi-tasking pretty impressively, and constant-on DSL, ISDN, cable and T2 connections, we've forgotten what "normal" speeds are like!
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