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    has anyone looked into putting a 700p camera with the 1.3 meg into the looks like it would fit...or is the mega pixels in the apposed to the camera itself...

    anyone....bueller, ferris......

    It's Simple really..........
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    The camera is soldered into the motherboard. You'll need to exchange the motherboard (the radio modem seems to be compatible) and then re-flash it with a custom rom.

    There are two versions: CDMA and GSM. If both are CDMA, I belive that just exchanging the motherboard is ok, as it seems to be that the hardware in both is essentially identical except for the camera and more flash memory.

    If 650 is GSM and 700p is CDMA, you'll need to look what's easier to change, if the camera application and driver (and keep the 650 ROM) or the phone application and driver (and keep the 700p ROM).
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    Its a good question... I too have wondered if the camera capabilities is in the m/b, camera or the s/w.

    Over a few weeks I've been thinking of transplanting a camera from a dead nokia I have, to an old 650 cdma board I have, attached to a spare LCD I have (yes I have too many spare bits) ... just to see what will happen and if I will get better quality pictures etc. I might have to desolder etc - if I works I might add a light & convert the whole kit into some kind of Treo Endoscope - sounds crazy right.

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