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    Does anyone play music in the background while using tomtom navigator 6? I've been using my 650 with an 8gb transcend sdhc card as my mp3 player, which I plug into my car stereo via adapter. That works great. I just got my gps receiver, and tried out tomtom with realplayer playing in the background. The music stutters quite a bit. It's not too bad, but I'd love to get it working without the stuttering. Using Memory Info, I see I have 7799KB largest free chunk NVFS Cache (before I start realplayer or tomtom), 5738 KB total free Storage Heap, and 2709 KB largest free chunk Dynamic Heap. Will moving some applications to my card to free up storage help at all? Any other suggestions?
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    I have done this before without a significant problem but the circumstances were different:

    1 GB Sandisk card.
    PTunes for mp3s

    I'm still using TomTom5 but now have an A-data 8gb card and MOcean for music. I haven't used both at the same time lately but I could give it a shot and let you know what happens. Maybe this will give you more information.
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    I have a 4gb SanDisk card with the full US maps installed. I use pTunes and a cassette adapter. I don't have any problems at all listening to .mp3's and using TT6.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to give ptunes a try.
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    Same results with Ptunes. Also tried moving a bunch of apps to the card until I had 10mb free storage, but that didn't help. Any other ideas?
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    I don't have tomtom (i use garmin) but I always do a soft reset & flush the dbcache before starting my gps... also I had to downgrade from PT4 to PT3 to use the gps listen to music @ the same time, PT4 wasjust eating up too much memory to play nice with my gps...
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