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    Sorry for the newb question, but a quick search brought lots of responses, but didn't answer my simple question:

    Is there anything I need to watch out for when purchasing an SD card from my Treo 700p? Will any SD card work? I'm looking at a 2Gb card for starters, probably.

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    I believe Palm is saying that SD card compatibility for the 700P is a 2GB SD card and under. . . . .(I may be wrong on that).

    I have a Transcend 150x 4GB SD card working in my 700P with no special workarounds.

    The SanDisk brand has also worked for me for over 5 years, as well.

    It also seems that the higher GB cards are slower than the lower size cards. My Transcend 150X 4GB has a pitiful write speed -- but still earns a 675 VFSMark -- mainly due to the poor write speed. The card preforms great on access to files, photos, music and video -- so I can live with the write speed lacking in quality.

    SDHC (SD High Capacity) cards are not guaranteed to work in the 700P, but others have them working with a hack.
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    ya if u want to go the hack route let me know , i am selling my sdhc card 8gb, class 4
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    Why did you decide to sell your Patriot card?
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    i am having issues with my phone number one and i never come close to using that much memory

    need money to put towards a bluetooth headset

    : )
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    I wish I would have known. I just bought that exact card (based on your comments in another thread) from Newegg, yesterday . The Newegg price was so good, I almost bought one for my 650 and one for my 680 so I wouldn't have to keep switching...

    Other than the phone, did the card give you any problems?
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    i am not sure if it is the card or phone, i am thinking it is the phone being that some other posters arent experiencing trble with same card

    i have treo 700p and it looses card every now and then, everytime i backup to it or sometimes when i annoying..... i dont even need 8gb.. so i am looking to go over to the 4gb transcend SD 150x card and thats that

    if u have an older 150x 4gb card u want to sell let me know..
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    They make this new SD car that you fold in half then it can be used via USB. Forgot the brand but its called something like supper plus, one of my buddies has an extra one that I am buying off him. I know this will come in handy for me since I can take it out of my treo and plug it into peoples computers and get pictures and documents a heck of a lot faster than bluetooth. The one I am getting is 1 gig and is $36 normal 1 gig is about $10-17 so you pay a premium for the USB ability.
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    links would show allot of light
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    Newegg has a few:


    PS so far I've had no noticeable problems with my A-Data 8GB SDHC (of course its only ~1GB full). Sometimes during syncing it seems slow but I can deal with it. I can't wait for the 32GB cards....

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