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    Here's the issue. Wonderful palm sent me back a refurb with the battery wire soldered into the plug insert, instead say, A PLUG!. I tried to fix it but ended up completely botching the plug insert on the board. (i'm trying to replace the battery incase you couldn't tell. I want to know if its possible to replace the large board that teh battery is attatched to. I believe i've read on other sites that the smaller board that is mounted on top of the large board (when viewing the open unit from the back) is actually the motherboard. Don't feel like dropping another 2 bucks on a new smartphone or 2 bucks to have this one repaired by palm.

    Is this possiblie??

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    I don't even know how to open the phone. if you don't get a reply consider reposting OT in a 700 folder. I think once people move up the forget to " phone home".
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    Thanks! I did just that.

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