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    Please someone tell me what i can do to send and view pitures on my palm treo 650 using versamail..... I can recieve picture emails BUT when i open them they are inform or text no picture... cant send at all ... cellular company said something about prob need 3rd party software... anyone know?? Anyone know a freeware 3rd party program to do this and what to do or how to do it please help me!! Thanks much
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    It depends on what kind of a picture it is (ie-file extension).

    If it is jpeg pictures, you don't need any 3rd party software. Not sure about bmp and gif.

    TIFF for sure needs 3rd party viewer.
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    soo... tempted... to answer....

    damnit, I can't get myself to answer a question that is covered in the user manual!
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    Just regular Jpeg file emailed to me from another cellular phone can't opem with versamail .. opens in form of text... cellular south told me needs 3rd party software?
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    ahhh okay

    open versamail
    scroll right to 'options'
    choose 'preferences'
    scroll down to 'delivery options'
    check off the box titled 'download attachments'

    Also note that the maximum message size may need to be made larger to accomodate pictures, depending how loud (and by loud, I definitely meant large) the ones you're receiving are. *or*, you could do what I do, to limit your data usage. I'm charged per kilobyte on sprint (I could do unlimited, but don't use much data, so I keep my max message size at 10kb). When someone emails me a picture, or just a long regular email, not much gets through. Only the subject of the email, and a sentence or two get through. I can then click to 'download attachment' or 'download the rest' or something like that, and then the phone goes back and retrieves the rest of the message if I ask it to.

    If that's not working I don't know what to tell you, but I can tell you that you're probably not gonna get too far with the service providers when asking them treo-specific questions, I've found them to be quite clueless.
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    (btw, I haven't gotten a pic email for a little bit. Just to test I sent myself one, my treo automatically syncs on the hour, so @ 10 (EST) I'll get a test email with a jpeg file in it. I'll post back if what I explained wasn't on point)
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    Worked fine, the email came through, but didn't show the picture (given that I have it set to a max email size of 10kb). The button on the bottom right corner of hte screen is what you press, and it will ask you if you want to download the 'rest of message and / or attachments' or somthign like that. You choose yes, and it'll go and download the rest. Then, it will show the name of the attachment in the body of the email. That is just hte file, if you tap that file with your stylus, the picture will appear. good luck

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