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    TMO user with 3 years experience having the same problem intermittently. Sometimes solved by restart, sometimes not. Sometimes solved by waiting 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes not. On completion of dialing I get a single "ding" then immediatly back to dial pad. Other tmo users with different devices in my office do not have this. Other Treo users with different providers do not have this. What to do?
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    Sounds like a dropped call. Try disconnecting/reconnecting to the phone network (long press of the red button). Also try doing a hard reset (as a diagnostic step) to see if not having any 3rd party software fixes the problem.

    If not, and if other phones are seeing a good T-Mobile signal at that location, then it must be bad hardware.
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    Happens to me some times too. My guess is - it is a dropped call due to (a) Momentary Network congestion and/or (b) Weak signal where I am calling from and/or (c) the person I am calling happens to be in an area with weak signal and/or (d) network congestion in the area where the person I am calling is. The reason for suspecting this is - I have seen it happen more often when i am calling a particular bunch of my collegues at work and I know that where they normally work is an area with many network problems.

    If other TMO users (with different kinds of devices) near you call the same number get connected or other Treo users near you call the same number and get connected, only then I would suspect the hw - if these other guys are calling different numbers - the people they are calling may not be experiencing the same network conditions as the person your are calling!
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    You may want to make sure something hasn't happened over time to effect the connections of your SIM card...your symptoms are similar to problems others have had. Sometimes shimming the SIM card in the SIM tray stops the disconnections...

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