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    got a nice 650 off ebay (verizon) and it has firmware 1.03. I'm considering updating to 1.05 .. but see lots of post with problems that make the phone forever unuseable. should I update or not? are the problems real, or due to other apps installed (nothing else is on the phone right now).


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    I had problems with mine going into a loop of resets...I wound up having to do a hard reset and then I was was a pain because I had been using it for a few weeks and had a lot of stuff on it. If you have nothing, doing a hard reset won't be a big deal. I liked the upgrade because with the older one I had to press the bluetooth button on my headset every time I made a phone call, where now, when I call it automatically transfers the call to the headset.

    Good luck and enjoy your phone.
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    There are some noticable improvements in 1.05.

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