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    It has already been noted in other threads that the USB connection charges slower than the wall-plug charger. Some feel that this gives more 'use time' on their 680s.

    I've noticed another phenomenon (I think I spelled that right ...)

    The wall-plug brings the Treo up to 100% the stops. So if you charge at night, it gets to 100%, stops, and the battery starts working to pwoer the Treo. This causes reading of less than 100% when the unit is unplugged. Depends on when the charger switched off before unplugging the unit.

    The USB cable does not do this. It charges to 100% and keeps powering the unit. So the charge stays at 100%. So when it is unplugged, readings of 100% are more likely.

    You can see this by using the battery.prc program and watching the green (being charged) versus red (using the battery) curve. Using the wall-plug charger, the line shows green (unit is charging) then at 100% turns red (battery drives the unit) and the red line drops with the battery draining and never goes back to green. Using the USB, the curve reaches 100% and stays green (does not switch to the battery driving the Treo).

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    I see the same thing with a 650. The only thing I worry about is if it really should stop (or rather cycle) charging of the battery.

    The voltage trace (with battergraph) always ramps higher with USB, but it never reports a v higher than 4.21. Doing a regular charge right after a USB charge always results in a quicker full charge (green LED). And even without a regular charge afterwards, it seems like a 99% will last longer than a regular charge.

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