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    I have a .pst file that needs to somehow get on my treo 700p. Is there some sort of conversion tool? what is the simplest way? keep in mind I only have the .pst file & cannot export the pim data into any other format. .
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    Import it into Outlook and then sync the Treo with Outlook.
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    i don't have the file in front of me but is .pst a folder with all separate pim files in it or is a .pst an actual file with the data in it? is it address book only?
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    It is the data file for Outlook that contains all of the information including email.
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    A .pst can contain any or all the data of Outlook. I may contain just the contacts or calender or it may contain all of Outlook data. It depends what was exported. You could add the file as another data file to Outlook and then you could see what it contains. You don't import it. You just add the data file.

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