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    I'm looking for software for drawing diagrams on my 700P.
    I'm not talking about draw it, diddlebug, things like that. I mean diagrams like the ones you can create in word or visio.

    I found this and it's great

    ...but it has no way of moving it to my PC for printing or sharing unless I buy the $90 windows version and that just ain't gonna happen.

    Is there anything else out there like it?
    I downloaded a trial of quick office premier, but that doesn't do it either.
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    Idea Pad (freeware; from the developer of FileZ)

    According to the description

    Diagrams can be exported to any desktop graphics program, and Outlines can be exported to any word processor via the Memo Pad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pochaco View Post
    Idea Pad (freeware; from the developer of FileZ)
    Wow, a very elegant program. I use Compendium (also freeware) on my PC and this is almost as good!

    thks pochaco!

    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    Thanks, but idea pad is not robust enough.

    I have idea pad already, you can't resize shapes and you can't create more than one link between shapes.

    I'm looking for a more visio like software.

    Thanks anyway.

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