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    I could not get to the D.S.T. update page at Plam from my Plam 700p because whenever I try to go to in Blazer it resolves to the mobile version of the site w/ handy links to Google, weather, news, etc. but no access to the normal Plam site.

    The only way I could get to the page was by typing the following url directly into Blazer:

    As I have a Mac I did not go through any of the Microsoft gyrations mentioned but simply did the dl OTA; failed the first time but worked the 2nd time.

    2 questions:

    1. How can one force Blazer into going to a "normal" site and not a special "mobile" site if one chooses;

    2. On Mac w/ Plam Desktop is there anything one needs to do on the Mac side to prepare for the DST changes?

    Many thanks and be well, all.

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    There are Mac OS X Daylight Savings time updates so I hope the combination of downloads will be all I need.

    The forced mobile sites thing makes me crazy--anyone know a way around this?

    Thanks again and be well,


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