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    Wondering if this is a phone to phone issue, or more of a Cingular vs Verizon issue.

    Me Treo 680/Cingular, Brother in law 700w Verizon, co-worker 700p Verizon.

    I can send an MMS to the 700w and it gets there, but not to the 700p.
    Both of the 700's fail to get thru to my 680 with these types of messages.

    Not a make or break deal for us, just something thats fun once in a while.

    Found out about the issue between my and my Brother in law on Christmas morning when I sent him a picture from our house. He got mine, and then sent me one from his house. Never got his picture. Later that day as we are sitting on the same couch, we found that no matter what, he got mine, but I would not get his.

    This past weekend, I found that my co-worker and I could not exchange pictures at all via our phones.

    Anybody know the cause of this? Or possibly a fix or work around??

    I found no discussion of this via a search, and if this would be more appropriate in another forum here, feel free to move.
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    Can't believe I'm the only one with this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneOfLove View Post

    Can't believe I'm the only one with this problem.
    Go to your cingular account info on their web site and make sure you have the options to send and recieve mms turned on. I just looked at my cing account settings and mine were on and my wifes were off. Same thing for your brother in-law's verizon account. I have not seen on any site anyone with this issue. Good luck
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    Very interesting.

    Thanks, I will check it out.
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    Ok, so I could not find any settings in my account online, but I did call Cingular today. Got it escalated up the chain to the data center, and that guy told me that "some" of my settings were incorrect. He went on to add that none of these settings were things that a customer had access to.

    He also said that my area was experiencing problems today with both voice and date. (Michigan and Indiana he said)

    I got an MMS thru to the 700p today, but it took over 40 minutes for it to go thru. I have not had any luck sending to the 700w today at all.

    FWIW, I got two messages thru to the 700p, one before then settings change and one after. Not sure what will happen when the local area is fully operational again.

    I have an open ticket with Cingular and will be updating this story later.
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    After two more days I can add that I have sent and received with both the 700p and 700w now. But it can take up to three hours for these to get thru.

    Nobody seems able to explain this to me, so I guess it just is what it is.

    What a shock that two competing cell company's don't play well together!

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