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    Motorola H700 headset .. 2 are shown at the treocentral store ..

    1) H700 "Type-A" stock ..~ $40

    2) H700 ~$70

    What is "A-stock"?

    edit: I think I read (here, but I can't find it again) .. "A-stock" headsets are those that have been "returned".
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    I just received one and will be sending it back. It's refurbished.

    Also the volume is horrible. And the volume has to be reset every time you open the boom. The one I got is a revision A and apparently there is a revision B.

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    I ordered the more expensive unit .. so far it appears to work fine. I can hear conversations w/o issues .. those I talk to say they hear me fine. Much better than the Jabra set up I had w/my 600.

    So I'm giving a "thumbs up" to the Motorola H700 (new version) ..

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