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    I have verizon wireless for my Treo 650 (that I just bought .. and like). I had the $4.95 mobile 2.0 data plan for unlimited surfing within my minutes (open ended nights/weekends). Verizon wants to charge me $40 for the SAME data on the 650. Has anyone been able to work around this? Can I just keep the Mobile 2.0 data plan and still use the 650 .... without any difference in charges?

    I was shocked to find out that Sprint and TMobile charge MUCH less for the data plans, but Verizon does have the best coverage where I live. Thanks.
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    Your Verizon 650 has a CDMA radio and cannot be used on T-Mo, which uses GSM. Sprint, which is also CDMA, will not allow transfer of a competitor's handset onto their network.

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