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    I am looking for a web browser that will let me input forms, i have tried "avant go", "palmscape",and cant seem to get "browse-it" to work so i dont know if it does...

    I need to access the admin area of my site, the apps i have tried display everything on the page except the form, and as sooon as i can see web forms and input info in them on my visor, and can have admin access to my site (while lying on a beach???) *yipee*

    please help
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    I've certainly never had an issue with PalmScape & forms. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $displays$ $all$ $the$ $form$ $elements$ $correctly$.
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    well I am guessing its a server side issue then. cause' I can't see any forms with it , come to think of it i cant see forms on any site. any ideas? is there a newer version of palmscape?? who knows?? i am confused.

    maybe you can try the url and see if you see the forms..
    gimme a mail if your into it , dont really wanna post the admin site addy here

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    The only browser I have tried is eudora web (part of their internet suite) it worked fine with yahoo's input form field.
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    ok cool sorry for the thread ,, seems it was a server side, IE 5.5 detect script problem...thanks for the replaies though..and palmscape has to be the best browser out there!!!..i mean come on support for frames, images, everything!!! to cool
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    I don't suppose you've tried posting to VisorCentral using PalmScape? It keeps forgetting who I am, though other sites that use cookies don't have a problem.
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    No I havent tried that yet, but i did make a post on my site ( night using the visor and palmscape...weee!!! that was fun ...I actaully even bought Palmscape last night...I cant believe it, I dont think I have ever bought any sofware, let alone for the visor I just couldn' take the reg screens up ...postingon visor central...hehe

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