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    Is it just me, or is the wallpaper functionality on the 680 alot different than on the 650. I seem to remember that on the 650 you could select a photo of any size and it would resize it to fit the screen perfectly. Now, on the 680, photos seem to show as theyre actual size and therefore do not fit the screen well at all. Anyone have a good method to get around this? I like to transfer photos from my computer to my Treo to use as wallpaper and it would be great if I didnt have to resize the photo every time.
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    If you add the photos through Palm Desktop, it resizes automatically.
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    the top gets cut off for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by sigma pi View Post
    the top gets cut off for me
    Maybe the subjects of your pics are to tall...
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    Pictures I've added through Palm Desktop have resized correctly also. Strange that yours are not working.

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